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Debit & Credit Cards

Debit Cards

American Bank debit cards come with chip technology and are contactless! You can count on enhanced fraud protection every time you use your card at a chip-activated terminal.

What are chip cards?
A chip card–also called a smart card or an EMV card–is a debit/credit card that contains a microprocessor that enhances the security of cards during point-of-sale transactions.

These cards, already in use in much of the world, use a security standard originally developed by Europay, MasterCard® and VISA® (EMV) as a way to fight card fraud resulting from theft, skimming and counterfeiting. The EMV technology has been adopted by the other major card brands and issuers.

How is the chip card more secure than my current card?
Chip cards add an additional layer of security to the safeguards that already protect your card. Each time you use your chip card, it generates a code that is unique to that transaction. This makes it harder to counterfeit your card or to use it fraudulently for in-store purchases.

Traveling Information
Please let us know if you are traveling to another state or country. We have controls in our system to further protect you from fraud and do not want to inconvenience you while you’re traveling. Please notify us prior to your departure.
To Report a Lost or Stolen Card
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For Card Activation and PIN Management

Credit Cards

American Bank has a credit card that is just right for you.

The features of our cards are:
  • No annual fee
  • Low introductory rate for six months
  • Competitive Annual Percentage Rate (APR)*

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Ready for a loan?

American Bank provides a convenient loan application process that begins with downloading and completing an application.